Luxury Collection UV Coated 3-Fold MO-DU Umbrella, 100 cm Carmine Color - CAVIORS
Luxury Collection UV Coated 3-Fold MO-DU Umbrella, 100 cm Carmine Color - CAVIORS

Luxury Collection UV Coated 3-Fold MO-DU Umbrella, 100 cm Carmine Color

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Description :
We understand the pain of having an umbrella that is not waterproofing, not wide enough to cover You, and not able to withstand strong wind, end up embarrassing you during heavy rain. Not only you and your partner getting wet, you may look awful, and this could ruin your beautiful day. How great it is to have a compact umbrella windproof that can be used during both rainy and sunny day. A compact umbrella that is waterproofing, with strong frame and ribs that can withstand strong wind during rainy day. An umbrella with black PU coated that can block 99% UV rays to protect you. An umbrella that is convenient to use and can be opened automatically with 1 button. Most importantly, an umbrella that is compact in size, but can well cover you while Using.

Size : Small

Care Instructions: Always open the umbrella pointing downwards, Lift the ribs slightly and slide the umbrella open.
Warranty : 6 Months | Colors, Frame and Stitching
Brand :
Style Homez, A Brand from Style Homez Incorporation. A Brand with a Motto to Cater Every Corner of India and to Make Every Home Beautiful, Deliver You the Finest Products Possible to Use and Enjoy the Quality and Experience. With A Range of Products in 10+ Category and Ever Increasing Catalog of Products, we are Catering more than 2 Lac Customers Each Year, Promising them a Fine Product and A Smile :)

Quality : High Grade
Materials Used : Nylon | Polyester
Warranty : 6 Months | Onsite



  • OUTER FABRIC : High Grade-TAFETA Fabric UV Coated | Premium Out Shell Made from ABS Plastic
  • HANDLE GRIP : Silicon Plastic | UV Coat : 50+ Rubberized | Open Umbrella : Diameter : 100 cm | Rod Height : 50 cm
  • ULTRA PROTECTIVE : There is high-tech Nano Polymer Compound in the outermost coating layer. Its excellent water-repellency helps you shake most water off and put it back to your purse easily after use. In addition, the layer prevents 95% of the UV.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION : The frame has a black metal shaft and comes with fibreglass ribs meaning the umbrella won't break in strong winds. It has a generous slip resistant rubberized handle and a wrist strap for easy carrying and control in windy conditions.
  • SERVICE : Make in India | Serviced on the Door Step | 6 Months Warranty