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Ultra Mini UV Coated 4-Fold Travel Capsule Umbrella Sun and Rain Umbrella (Yellow)

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You don't have to choose between huge, heavy, windproof umbrellas or a tiny umbrella that barely gives you any protection from the wind and the rain. This excellent umbrella is a perfect combination of portability, protection, and durability. The umbrella is only 7 inches / 18 cm long when folded and weighs only 280 g including the waterproof case! UV Protection is done adding to a Rubber Coating Inside of the Umbrella which Makes it Look Premium and act as one. This Designer Travel Umbrella is One Fine Introduction by The Purple Tree Which Will Complete your Rainy Day Kit. Size : Small Care Instructions: Always open the umbrella pointing downwards, Lift the ribs slightly and slide the umbrella open.




  • Nylon Fabric UV Coated | Frame : Fiber Alloy
  • The unique and capsule style painted on the inner side of the umbrella, which is standing out and will always cheer you up in those rainy days or any dismal time.Also, the creative and fashionable pattern makes you conspicuous.
  • Amazing waterproof ability. The surface of this kind of umbrella is made of speacil material of ultra-high density, having passed the waterproof test level 5 (the highest level). The drops will flip away when the rain falls. It only needs you to shake gently after closing the umbrella, then all the drops will gone.
  • Open/Close function allows you to operate the umbrella in few second with hand. No more waiting for your umbrella to open or close while you get soaked by the rain!
  • The frame has a black metal shaft and comes with fibreglass ribs meaning the umbrella won't break in strong winds. It has a generous slip resistant rubberized handle and a wrist strap for easy carrying and control in windy conditions.